Norfolk Police investigate after woman says she was scammed out of thousands

Posted at 5:42 PM, Oct 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-20 17:42:28-04

Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk woman claims she was scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Mae LaShier said the power washing job wasn’t complete, the shingles were not replaced and a shed was not torn down after she paid $4,500.

“How could you be so heartless? Take my money and not finish the job. At my age, I try to save all I can and afford these house repairs, and you come and take advantage and you don’t just care,” says LaShier.

The 85-year-old said she was approached by three men when she was taking her trash out.

She said they first agreed to power wash her house for $125 then offered to do more work.

LaShier said they replaced a few shingles and said they’d be back two days later to finish the job and reassured her the work would get done.

She said one of the men told her, "You can trust me, we’ll take care of you. Don’t worry about it. We will be back. We will take care of everything for you.”

But she said they never returned.

Norfolk police told NewsChannel 3 this is an ongoing investigation and said the possible suspect is not from Norfolk, but no one has been charged.

In a written statement, Norfolk Public Information Officer Daniel Hudson said, "Unfortunately, people taking advantage of the elderly community across the Nation is not uncommon."

He offered some advice and said to post "no soliciting" signs on your home. He said to tell the salesperson through a closed door that you are not interested. This will let them know someone is home.

He stated, "If they choose to use a door salesman, check with both the BBB, and the  Department of Professional Occupational Regulation. Always ask for a business license and make sure their business is properly insured."

Hudson also says that  if someone feels uncomfortable at anytime about a situation, please call the police immediately.

“Don’t do what I did, please," warns LaShier.