FBI offering big bucks for information about unsolved bank robberies

Posted at 6:16 PM, Oct 22, 2015

Hampton Roads, Va. - Right now the FBI says there are many unanswered questions about bank robberies that have happened since 2011 and they want your help.

“We are still looking for information,” said FBI Public Affairs Spokesperson Christina Pullen.

The FBI wants to solve over a dozen bank robberies that have happened over the last four years.

NewsChannel 3 has reported many of them.

"These dozen or so that we found similarities to, this string of robberies that go back to about January of 2011,” said Pullen.

The FBI said there is possible evidence linking 42-year-old John Lewis and 44-year-old Rory Diggs to some of these other bank robberies.

We reached out to Lewis’ attorney Erik Porcaro who said he has no comment about this.

The two men have only been charged in one bank robbery from December of 2014 when they opened fire on State Trooper James Pew as they were trying to get away.

Pew was grazed by a bullet.

The two men pleaded guilty in Virginia Beach to attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer and robbery yesterday, and they’re looking at a maximum sentence of four life terms. They will be sentenced in March.

No one has been charged in any of these other bank robberies, but the FBI says staged and stolen cars were used in many of the crimes.

They said they’re trying to see if people responsible received inside information to help them carry out the robberies. They think there are people out there who know more about what happened.

They said it is difficult to solve these crimes.

“It’s very hard. That is why we often reach out to the public in this cases because there may be some information that someone knows out there that can help us solve these cases,” said Pullen.

The information is a list of previous bank robberies :

01/11/2011 Bank of America, 3333 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach

11/04/2011 Bank of America, 3333 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach

04/13/2012 BB&T, 1300 North Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach

05/09/2012 Bank of America, 1125 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach

09/18/2012 Bank of America, 4616 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach

01/15/2013 Wells Fargo Bank, 5284 Providence Road, Virginia Beach

05/10/2013 Wells Fargo Bank, 5284 Providence Road, Virginia Beach

08/07/2013 Wells Fargo Bank, 2677 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach

01/11/2012 Wells Fargo Bank, 111 Gainsborough Square, Chesapeake

03/19/2012 BB&T, 825 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake

10/23/2013 Wells Fargo Bank, 821 N. Battlefield Boulevard, Chesapeake

Anyone with information regarding one or more of these bank robberies or the suspects involved should call the Norfolk FBI Office at (757) 455-0100.

A combined reward of up to $25,000 is being offered by the FBI and the financial industry for information leading directly to the arrest and conviction of the individuals responsible for these robberies.


Two men plead guilty in Virginia Beach Wells Fargo robbery case; both are facing four life terms