Chesapeake plumber takes action to help woman injured in accident

Posted at 12:17 AM, Oct 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-23 08:44:25-04

Chesapeake, Va.  - A plumber used his tools on Thursday for more than leaky pipes. He used them to take action and help a woman who was trapped in her car after an accident on the exit ramp for Battlefield Blvd. on I-64.

"When I first ran up to the scene, I heard a lady say that she has a pulse but it's faint. It was scary," said Will Smith, a Plumber with Michael & Son. "I went running up to a wreck, the car was really bad. It was tore up."

Smith was driving to work on Thursday morning when he came across the accident. Instead of continuing on with his commute, he jumped out of his car to help. He came across an off duty firefighter and two other people already taking action to the help those injured. Using the tools in his truck, the group of volunteers worked together to saw the door of the car mostly off.

"I just knew that she needed help. The guy told me what to do and I tried to do everything that I could."

Although Smith says he helped at the accident, he doesn't want to take any credit.

"Everyone just jumped in and tried to help out. My part was little compared to what everyone else did," said Smith. "They are the heroes, I just tried to do what I hope someone would do for me and my family."

NewsChannel 3 is still working to find out how all of the people involved in the accident are doing.