Jeb Bush speaks at Regent University in Virginia Beach

Posted at 7:07 PM, Oct 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-23 23:31:30-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - An energetic Jeb Bush spoke in front of hundreds at an event at Regent University on Friday.

He's trying to spark some life into his campaign. Right now, he's fallen to the middle of the pack in the polls and reports Friday said he was making some cutbacks to his campaign staff.

"Every dollar we can save in overhead is a dollar that goes on television, goes on radio, goes on voter outreach," Bush told the crowd.

When the campaign season began, a lot of people were saying he'd be the front-runner, but that spot is now occupied by Donald Trump.

"I have not met a person who thought Donald Trump would be the front-running candidate at this point. God Bless him for his success in that regard. We'll see how long that lasts, but you have to adapt," said Bush.

The former Florida governor says his campaign will be leaner and meaner, focusing on the early primary states.

During the event, he was joined on stage by Televangelist Pat Robertson. The two had a discussion about several issues, including foreign policy, taxes, and religious freedom.

People who attended the event said they appreciate Bush's matter-of-fact style and conservative approach to the economy.

"He says what he believes and he firmly believes it. He has a good Christian background and good Christian principles," said Pat Tompkins, who said she was impressed with the event.

As Bush leaves town, another presidential candidate isn't far behind. Front-runner Donald Trump will be speaking in Norfolk on Oct. 31.