Norfolk woman shares brutal details of hit and run: ‘I didn’t think I would make it’

Posted at 12:30 PM, Oct 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-26 18:50:46-04

Norfolk, Va. - Tiffany Jones showed NewsChannel 3 the scars left from the ten-hour surgery to fix her spine. She says it's a miracle she can even stand.

“I have two broken ribs and a broken spine,” Jones says. “I have a cage and a rod and some screws.”

In June, Norfolk police arrested Clarissa Harris. Detectives say she deliberately hit Jones with her truck. Drasean Edwards, a passenger, was also charged.

Jones says she was walking from the courthouse with her friend along Church Street near Brambleton when she says Harris drove up with Edwards in the passenger seat.

“The truck hit me here,” she says. “It pushed me. I tried to stay on my feet. I couldn`t` stay on my feet. I went underneath the truck.”

Jones says she was dragged for 50 feet underneath the truck.

Jones says she didn't even know Harris or Edwards. She says she had gotten into an argument with them a few minutes earlier inside the Norfolk courthouse. Jones says Harris didn't like the way she looked at her.

Monday, all three were back inside Norfolk District Court. A judge ordered Harris to have a mental evaluation before moving on with her case.

“Maybe she does need it,” Jones says. “Because if you can run over a person that you don`t know with a truck, maybe something is really wrong with you.”

Edwards, on the other hand, was arrested again for showing up late to court.

As for Jones, she will never fully recover, but says just being alive is more than enough.

“The only thing I want is justice, and if I get that then I’m fine.”


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