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Student achievement soars in Newport News Public Schools

Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-29 22:44:58-04

Newport News, Va.- Newport News Public Schools are celebrating their recent success in gaining accreditation across the board. Fifteen schools were accredited this year, whereas only seven received accreditation in 2014.

The Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are one factor used to determine accreditation. This year, public schools across the district have shown incredible improvement in SOL test scores.

Accreditation requires 75 percent of students to pass the English section of the SOLs and 70 percent of students to pass math, history and science.

Newport News Public Schools have recently implemented an action plan for academic success that includes an increase of focus on literary and math skills. Students will be given fewer tests to allow them more time for learning the material and receiving help.

Students and teachers are also working together to create success goals that they review quarterly.

All of these changes have increased student achievement according to data released Tuesday, October 27 by the Virginia Department of Education.

While the SOL tests are only one measure of achievement, it is important to celebrate the vast improvements being made in the school system this year.