After fire destroys well-known Elizabeth City hair salon, community takes action to re-build business

Posted at 5:31 PM, Oct 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-30 17:31:21-04

Elizabeth City, N.C. - Business owners and residents living in Elizabeth City are taking action for Lola's Hair Designers.

The hair salon went up in flames on Monday evening. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

Lola Scales owned the business for 30 years before passing it down to her daughter, Akiysha, back in 2013.

The salon was closed at the time, but Scales says Akiysha went into the salon with her children on Monday and left just in time.

"Those children could have been locked in that salon when this happened," says Scales. "It was just devastating to me, totally unexpected and hurtful because I have had the salon for so long."

Yet not even an entire day after the fire, the community stepped up to get results.

"Different office owners, business owners, real estate owners have come to us and have offered to give us somewhere to relocate while we're transitioning through this tragedy," says Scales.

Lola's Hair Designers now has a new home on Griffin Street, after LFM Properties offered them a spot. The company is paying for most of the renovations and delaying rent until the stylists get settled.

Businesses such as Adkins Catering are also giving a donation and planning a fundraiser.

"It could've been us and I know that they would've done the same for us," says Gabriel Adkins, owner of Adkins Catering. "We're going to take action with them to get it all done as quickly as we can because it's their livelihood, it's their team; if they don't do hair, they're not making any money."