Colonial Williamsburg’s spooky celebrations attracting thousands

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-30 17:47:32-04

Williamsburg, Va. - The scariest weekend of the year is here, and Colonial Williamsburg is expecting thousands of people to attend their sold out first ever Halloween celebration weekend.

Colonial Williamsburg has always seemed like the perfect place for a haunted celebration, but this is actually the first year they are celebrating the holiday. That's because in the 18th century, colonists didn't celebrate Halloween.

"However, like you said, our ghost tours are extremely popular and based on the immense popularity of the holiday and the enthusiasm that our guests have, it's a natural fit," says Joe Straw, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Public Relations Manager.

Only the bravest guests get the haunting of a lifetime -- the chance to stay in a real life haunted house!

"As we all know from the popularity of Halloween and horror movies and all of that, for some reason people love to be scared. They love to scare themselves. So what we're offering guests in our historic houses all month is the option to have their overnight stay be a haunted one," says Straw.

There will also be trick-or-treating and hauntings in the streets -- everything you want for a spooky celebration!

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