Jequil Holloway’s boyfriend arrested on gun charge

Posted at 6:48 AM, Nov 04, 2015

Police have arrested Jequil Holloway's boyfriend, 18-year-old Neal Bolden, on charges of having a gun as a convicted felon after detectives found her body on Sunday.

But there is still no word on who is responsible for killing the woman and leaving her body in a car.

Holloway was reported missing from her Norfolk home for about a week before she was found on Sunday.

Court records also show Bolden was violent with Holloway in the past.

In May he admitted to assaulting her. He was also accused of strangling her and damaging her property in the same incident, but those charges were later dropped.

He was sentenced to just one month in jail. Time he would serve on the weekends.

Bolden was ordered to have no hostile contact with Holloway.

Now police are searching for her killer and at this point police are not saying anything about suspects in her death.