Protestors in “Dump Trump” t-shirts stopped by organizers at entrance to Donald Trump rally

Posted at 7:15 PM, Nov 06, 2015

Norfolk, Va. - When Chris Fellini and his friends showed up to the Donald Trump rally at the USS Wisconsin on Halloween, wearing "Dump Trump" t-shirts, he knew they may not be welcomed by some of Trump's supporters.

"I fully expected to get spit on and hit," he says.

However, what he did not expect was to get stopped before he went into the event, not by people who showed up but those who were running it.

Fellini captured the entire altercation on his cell phone.

In the video, you can hear one organizer say, "This is not an open venue. It is being rented right now. You're not going to go in if you're going to be interrupting."

"Everything was by the books, we got the tickets online days in advance, I made sure everybody had a ticket, showed them the tickets, we did what we were supposed to do. They just didn't like our shirts."

Fellini says the organizers formed a human blockade to prevent them from moving forward into the event. When they refused to leave, he says organizers got Norfolk Police officers involved, but that ended up being the reason they could get inside.

NewsChannel 3 also asked Norfolk Police about the situation. They said they had police at the event, but there were no calls for service.

"The police said since it was a free event that was open to the public and we had tickets, we were allowed to be there, they just kept an eye on us so we didn't do anything."

Fellini said organizers also had volunteers watch them for the entire rally.

"They came to support Trump and that's the crappy job they got assigned to do, so very weird, surreal experience."

NewsChannel 3 called and e-mailed Donald Trump's press office several times on Friday about the video to see if their members were trying to block opposing viewpoints or if it was for legitimate safety reasons. We are still waiting to hear back.