State Senator Kenny Alexander joins McCabe, Protogyro in race for Norfolk mayor

Posted at 11:28 AM, Nov 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-10 17:17:46-05

Norfolk, Va. - State Senator Kenny Alexander announced that he will run for the Mayor of Norfolk.

If elected, Alexander would be the first African-American mayor of Norfolk.

The state senator made the announcement on November 9.

"The time has just come for me to come home to Norfolk, where I am, where I started," Alexander said.

Alexander says home is where his political career began, over two decades ago.

He started on a planning commission and economic development authority, worked his way up to the House of Delegates and then to the Senate.

Alexander became a Virginia Senator in 2012 and serves on the Committees of Finance, Commerce and Labor, Privileges and Elections, and Transportation.

Alexander's ready to bring it all back to Norfolk to focus on key issues, specifically education.

"All of these challenges--from education to workforce development to sea level rise to economic develop to public safety--they're are all tied to the economy. Education is the quickest way out of poverty," Alexander said.

But with two powerhouse names like Councilman Andy Protogyro and Sheriff Bob McCabe already in the race, Alexander says his legislative experience and contacts in Richmond sets him apart. He believes it will help him get the results he hopes to see for the city.

“Norfolk needs someone with the broad experience and skills that I bring to the table, the resources that I can tap, the ability to effectively reach out to people at all levels ― from neighborhoods, to boardrooms, to the upper levels of government ― and to bring together people from diverse viewpoints,” Alexander said in a news release.

Both Councilman Protogyro and Sheriff McCabe commented on Alexander's announcement -- with different reactions.

"Welcome to the debate. That’s fine with me. Kenny can bring his Richmond perspective to Norfolk, but I’ve been in the trenches for five years having to deal with what Richmond has done to our city, so Kenny can come," Councilman Protogyro said.

"It’s probably one of the worst kept secrets in Norfolk. I’ve heard it for several months and I think he wanted to wait until he was reelected on Tuesday. He’s a good guy. I think he said the same thing about me, so I think the opportunity is to get in front of the citizens to talk about the issues," Sheriff McCabe said.