Uber, Lyft partner up to provide transportation to homeless veterans

Posted at 2:21 PM, Nov 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-11 19:52:41-05

In an effort to help veterans experiencing homelessness, Uber and Lyft have partnered with the White House and Joining Forces to provide reliable transportation to jobs, interviews and other employment events.

According to their news release, Uber plans on contributing an estimated 10,000 rides across five veteran’s organizations.

Alvester Cox has been without a job and without a home for about a month. He says he served in the Army for nine years and worked his entire life until recently. He says he was laid off from his job as a marine sheet metal mechanic.

"It`s pretty difficult," he says. "I mean I`ll put it like this. It`s frustrating. It`s pretty frustrating. But it`s not like you can afford to give up."

Right now, Cox says he's staying at the Union Mission Ministries homeless shelter in Norfolk. He says he's been trying to get a job, but finding a way to get to interviews or talk to possible employers is difficult.

Now with the offer from Uber and Lyft, Cox says he may finally have a breakthrough in his job search.

"I'd appreciate it, certainly appreciate it," Cox says. "I know that."

Uber Vet app

Uber is also offering riders and drivers the option to participate in the effort.

On Veteran’s Day, riders can donate $5 towards a ride for a veteran experiencing homelessness.

Here’s how riders can donate:

  • On Nov. 11, move the slider over to ‘VETS DAY’ in your Uber app.
  • Your uberX — sporting a new look in honor of Veterans Day— will pick you up.
  • At the end of your trip, you’ll get an SMS text message from Uber. All you have to do is reply YES to complete the donation.
  • After you donate, you’ll get a receipt for your trip, as well as a receipt for your donation.
  • Drivers will receive an email with instructions on how they can participate.