Father and son’s powerful conversation about Paris attacks and ‘bad guys’ goes viral

Posted at 11:33 AM, Nov 17, 2015

PAIRS — As people across the world continue to deal with the vicious attacks on Paris, one Parisian boy is beginning to understand the power of remembering the victims.

In an interview on Le Petit Journal, the boy spoke with his father as he tries to understand what happened.

The video has been watched 11 million times on Facebook.

Reporter: “Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why those people did that?”

Boy: “Yes, because they’re really, really mean. Bad guys are not very nice. And…we have to be really careful because we have to change houses.”

Boy’s father: “Oh no… don’t worry. We don’t need to move out. France is our home.”

Boy: “But there’s bad guys daddy…”

Boy’s father: “Yes, but there’s bad guys everywhere.”

Boy: “They have guns. They can shoot us daddy, because they’re really, really mean daddy.”

Boy’s father: “It’s okay, they might have guns but we have flowers.”

Boy: “But flowers don’t do anything… they’re for… they’re for… they’re for…”

Boy’s father: “Of course they do. Look, everyone is putting flowers. It’s to fight against guns.”

Boy: “It’s to protect?”

Boy’s father: “Exactly”

Boy: “And the candles too?”

Boy’s father: “It’s to remember the people who are gone yesterday.”

Boy: “The flowers and the candles are here to protect us.”

Boy’s father: “Yes.”

Reporter: “Do you feel better now?”

Boy: “Yes, I feel better.”