First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at FNV Live at ODU

Posted at 5:44 PM, Nov 17, 2015

Norfolk, Va. - First Lady Michelle Obama and a host of stars appeared at FNV Live at the ODU Convocation Center in Norfolk on Friday, November 20th.

The event featured musical performances from Jordin Sparks, Estelle, DJ MICK, Paul Rabil and Indi and Skye Cowie.

FNV, which is short for "Fruits and Vegetables," is a national brand that focuses on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and sales.

This effort is being led by the Partnership for a Healthier America.

It was launched in early 2015 and is focusing on Fresno, California and Hampton Roads.

Other big names that were in attendance includes Jordin Sparks, Gabrielle Union, Ashanti, and Jessica Alba.

"It's always fun to be able to come and be a part of something, we can all be physical and just have a good time but not really know that we're taking care of ourselves. We're just having a good time and it happens to be very beneficial to us in the end. Obviously, when you get asked to be a part of something with the First Lady, obviously I love doing that," says Jordin Sparks.