‘Knockout’ attack video released in hate crime conviction

Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 21, 2015

The U.S. Justice Department has released cellphone video of a so-called “knockout game” attack that resulted in a federal hate crime conviction.

Conrad Alvin Barrett, 29, of Katy, Texas, was sentenced to almost six years in jail last month after pleading guilty to taking part in the bizarre game where an assailant aims to knock out an unsuspecting victim with one punch.

On Friday, officials released Barrett’s video which shows him narrating and then attacking an elderly African-American man.

Roy Coleman, 81, suffered two jaw fractures and was hospitalized for several days after the November 2013 incident.

In his own cellphone video, Barrett is heard talking about the attack. “The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” On the video, Barrett says he’s “completely unable” to hit defenseless people, but then the car stops.

The video shows Barrett getting out of his car and asking Coleman “Hey how’s it going?” then hitting him to the ground. As he drives away, Barrett is heard laughing and saying “Knockout … knockout baby.”

“When I first saw the video, I was devastated … It broke my heart to see someone hit my father,” Donna McNeal, Colman’s daughter told CNN affiliate KPRC.

She told the affiliate the incident brought back painful memories of racism that her farther endured as a child. She said “It goes way back emotionally. I think he’s broken.”

Barrett also faces three years supervised release and has been ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution.