VDOT ready for winter in Hampton Roads

Posted at 1:37 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 19:05:01-05

Norfolk, Va. - The Virginia Department of Transportation's Hampton Roads District says they are already preparing for the upcoming 2015-2016 snow season.

VDOT Hampton Roads has an estimated snow-removal budget of $3 million and almost 450 pieces of equipment available for snow and ice-control.

Materials and supplies currently in stock for snow and ice removal in Hampton Roads include:

  • 25,000 tons of salt,
  • 9,000 tons of sand,
  • 1,400 tons of treated abrasives,
  • 106,000 gallons of salt brine.
  • VDOT replenishes supplies as they are used throughout the winter.

If more resources are needed to keep roads clear during a snow storm, VDOT Hampton Roads will spare no expense for driver safety, VDOT said in a press release on Monday.

“It’s been a mild fall so far with relatively warm temperatures, but the Hampton Roads District is already busy making preparations for potential snowfall later this season,” said District Administrator James Utterback. “We will continue to dedicate whatever money and resources are necessary to make sure our roads are safe and drivable when winter arrives.”

VDOT says their goal this season is to have all state-maintained roads* passable within 48 hours after the end of a winter storm.

*VDOT maintains all interstates, major state primary routes, and county roads in Hampton Roads. Incorporated cities take care of their own primary and secondary routes.

Crews first begin clearing interstates, primary roads and major secondary roads that connect localities, fire stations, employment hubs, military posts, schools, hospitals and other important public facilities. Secondary roads and subdivision streets will be treated if multi-day storms hit the commonwealth, but crews will focus efforts on those roads that carry the most traffic.