Navy Midshipmen release Star Wars parody as team aims for 14th straight win over Army

Posted at 10:20 AM, Nov 30, 2015

The trash talking videos have started ahead of the 116th Army-Navy game on December 12th in Philadelphia. NewsChannel 3 will air the game live starting at 3pm!

This year the Naval Academy opened with a Star Wars parody featuring Midshipmen rescuing Princess Leia from West Point. The video takes a shot at West Point’s pillow fight incident earlier this year in which 30 first-year students were injured.

The clip also includes references to ‘May the 14th be with you’ as Navy aims for its 14th straight victory in the rivalry.

Not to be outdone, the Army responded with a video from the 25th Infantry Division mocking the Navy’s ‘We Give A Ship‘ video from last year…

…and another one blasting the Navy’s mascot:

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