Norfolk library closes due to bed bugs

Posted at 3:25 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 21:35:51-05

Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk officials have confirmed that they've had to close a city library due to the presence of bed bugs in the building.

The Jordan-Newby library was closed for treatment on Wednesday, but it is expected to reopen Saturday morning.

Officials say someone was sitting in a chair in the library and reported the bed bug issue to the staff on Monday.

Pest control came in on Thursday and confirmed that there were bugs inside of the building.

NewsChannel 3 asked why it took two days for them to act on the issue, and Lori Crouch with the city of Norfolk says it may have been because of the time they were able to actually get pest control to come out, but she could not confirm that.

There have not been any other issues reported.

"It`s crazy. I just hope they`re not in my house, that`s the first thing going through my mind right now," says Anthony Johnson, a Norfolk resident who lives near the library.

Johnson says his two children frequent that library and he never thought about the bed bug issue until Thursday.

"You would expect for your kids to go there, learn, then come home and let you know what they learned, then they got bed bugs," says Johnson.