VDOT holds information meeting to discuss third water way crossing

Posted at 6:55 PM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 19:04:14-05

Brake lights and slow moving traffic are all familiar sights for drivers making their way from the south side to the Peninsula.

"This is a very challenging area. We have a lot of water crossings, a lot of ways to get around but there is a great volume of traffic," Paula Miller said.

But VDOT has hopes to keep the backups from happening.

"We have four alternative that will be presented here today. Three that have been seen previously that were in the original study and then a hybrid that combines two of the plans," Miller said.

These are the four different projects VDOT believes can fix the traffic problems drivers see when traveling from the south side to the peninsula.

The plans vary from expanding parts of I-64 from four lanes to six lanes in Alternative A to building a new tunnel across the Elizabeth River.  There will also be a new four lane highway east of Craney Island in Portsmouth, in addition to a lane expansion for parts of I 64 in Alternative B.

Then there's Alternative C, which is called Patriots Crossings. It includes constructing a new bridge tunnel with Craney Island connector, widening I 664 in Hampton to I-264 in Chesapeake and a parallel tube to the Monitor Merrimack Memorial Bridge Tunnel.

The last option, Alternative D, combines plans from Alternative B and C.

Although these plans are extensive,  Paula Miller with VDOT says ideas like these are necessary.

"We need to have some answers to transportation gridlock that we have all seen," she says.

All of the options are currently being laid out tonight at Oceanview Elementary School at an informational meeting. If drivers have their own ideas, VDOT wants to hear them.

"These are roadways waterways that everyone uses everyone has ideas and we want to hear from them and answer any questions or concerns they have about a plan," Miller said.

If you are not able to attend the meeting at Oceanview Elementary, there is another meeting on Thursday in Hampton.

You can also weigh in online by going to and filling out their survey.