Mother of murdered baby: ‘Every day I was praying’

Posted at 12:04 AM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 11:40:20-05

Hampton, Va. - Ashley Crooms took a video of her son, Kyrie, the night before he stopped breathing at the hands of babysitter Gracielle Garnett, according to court documents.

She was the same person who Ashley called one of her best friends and the godmother to her older child. They were like sisters.

“Like a best friend. Like a sister. We were close. I don`t know what happened,” says Crooms.

Ashley tells NewsChannel 3 she dropped Kyrie off at Garnett's house on November 30th. Hours later, she got a phone call from Garnett saying the baby wasn't breathing.

Court documents say medics rushed the baby to the hospital, where court papers say x-rays showed he had abusive head trauma associated with being violently shaken.

“Every day I was praying, every day I was having that faith and God`s gonna pull him through,” says Crooms.

But almost a week later, he wasn't getting better and Kyrie was taken off life support.

Garnett was arrested.

The baby's father says he forgives Garnett.

“I have to say I forgive her. I have to. Because if I don`t forgive her... it would kill me. I have to,” said the father.

Crooms says she’s not there yet.

“Me being a Christian, yeah. You`re supposed to forgive. But me being a human being, is like I can`t forgive you.”

Garnett is scheduled for a bond hearing Thursday.


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