Taking Action Getting Job: Teacher Assistants (Job #: 707101)

Posted at 10:08 PM, Dec 14, 2015
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Job #: 707101
Teacher Assistants
Mimmie’s Learning Academy
Virginia Beach, VA – 23462
Posted 12/11/2015 on Virginia Workforce Connection
Positions available: 3
Occupation: Childcare Workers


High school diploma or equivalent, experience working with preschool children in a group setting. Must have received, be in the process of receiving, or be willing to receive some class room training in the education and development of young children. Must relate well to children, have a warm and friendly personality, and be able to work in harmony with other staff members. Must be willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with the center’s philosophy.


Will include but not be limited to:
1. Assisting the teacher in planning and implementing the daily program, including the following: a. Treating each child with dignity and respect. b. Recognizing and considering the individual needs of each child in relation to cultural and socio-economic background, disabilities, special talents and interests, style and pace of learning. c. Helping children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently, and to respect themselves and others. 2. Supervising the classroom, according to the plans of the teacher when the teacher is out of the room. 3. Helping with meals and preparation of snacks. 4. Assisting the teacher in other appropriate ways. 5. Maintaining professional attitudes, behavior, and dress at all times while on duty. This includes using the proper channels to air problems and complaints. 6. Participating in professional organizations that work for the improvement of early childhood education. 7. Maintaining strict confidentiality regarding children and their families. 8. Generally promoting a good rapport among staff members. 9. Sharing with the teacher the responsibility of maintaining a clean room. 10. Attending outside workshops when appropriate.

General Expectations:
1. Follow personnel policies of the center. 2. Maintain neat appearance. 3. Report problems promptly to teacher. 4. Come to center rested and able to deal with the demands of children.

Mimmie’s Learning Academy seeks the most qualified candidates in the field of education. The burden of teaching and nurturing young mind is a job we take very serious. Below is a list of qualifications you must have to be employed with us.

No staff shall be guilty of an offense, as defined in § 63.2-1719 of the Code of Virginia.
Staff shall be at least 22 years of age and shall meet the following:
1. of good character and reputation;
2. Capable of carrying out assigned responsibilities;
3. Capable of accepting training and supervision; and
4. Capable of communicating effectively both orally and in writing as applicable to the job responsibility.
C. Staff who work directly with children shall be capable of communicating with emergency personnel.
E. Staff shall be able to work with special needs child.
F. Should have or will complete 24 training hours on-line

Staff shall or will have the following trainings
(1) Child development;
(2) Playground safety;
(3) Health and safety issues; and
(4) Preventing and reporting child abuse and neglect.

Staff shall have CPR and First aid training (no expired must be up-to-date)
Last staff should be will to go to school to receive degree

Salary Range: $7.50 (minimum)
Pay Comments: Will discuss with applicant

Location Name: Mimmie’s Learning Academy
Address: 724 Baker Rd
City, State, Zip, and Country: Virginia Beach, VA 23462 US