Woman accused of trying to set ex-boyfriend’s apartment on fire

Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 06:50:31-05

Hampton, Va. - A woman is accused of trying to set her ex-boyfriend’s apartment on fire, according to the fire chief in Hampton.

42-year-old Sundari Prasad is facing some very serious charges.

She’s accused of going to the home on Towler Drive in Hampton where she used to live with her ex-boyfriend and trying to set the place on fire.

Another woman, who didn't want her identity revealed, said she was babysitting at the apartment and had her granddaughter with her when she said she was forced to call 911.

She said it was terrifying. She said Prasad came to the apartment complex yelling and threatening the people in the complex.

She said she put lighter fluid under the door to the unit and tried unsuccessfully to set it on fire with matches.

Other neighbors noticed all the commotion.

Shawn Whitmer lives two doors down said, “There is a bunch of cops and stuff, searching the house, the yard and all that jazz.”

Fire investigators said Prasad has a child with the man who rents the apartment and the two used to have a relationship.

Investigators said no one was hurt. Now they are waiting on lab results to return to figure out exactly what was put under the door of the apartment.

Prasad was picked up by Chesterfield Police and was transported to the Hampton City Jail on charges of making threats and breaking and entering with the intent to rape, rob or murder.

The Fire Department said  there may be more charges filed because there was a man in another unit of the complex when all of this happened.

As for an exact motive – it’s unclear – but the man who rents the apartment said he’s been dealing with many problems with his ex-girlfriend for months.