Preemie twins hold hands in viral video

Posted at 8:16 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 20:23:02-05

It can be scary to find out that your baby — or babies — may be born prematurely, but one Australian mom is trying to spread a little hope to parents expecting preemies.

Anthea Jackson-Rushford gave birth to twins Kristiana and Kristian at just 28 weeks and one day. “They were eager to get here quite before their due date,” she wrote on Facebook.

The new mom started posting photos and videos of the twins’ progress, from eyes opening to hiccups. But when the twins held hands, the Internet went crazy.

“Amazing!!! Needs to go viral!!!” Anthea wrote on the video that showed the twins being held against their father’s chest, grasping each other’s tiny hands.

The video has been viewed over 10 million times since it was posted on January 13. Anthea said on Facebook that she knows it may be “disturbing” to see the babies with tubes, but it’s normal and she hopes the photos and video will comfort people in similar situations.

“To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine.”