Delivery drivers face slick conditions so customers don’t have to

Posted at 9:10 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-23 06:47:40-05

Norfolk, Va. - Roads in Downtown Norfolk are slick after a snow and ice mixture hit the area Friday night.

Road crews worked throughout the evening to salt and sand area bridges and overpasses, but there were still several crashes across the city.

Officials urge drivers to stay off the roads if possible, but that isn't the case for people who drive as a part of the job. That is specifically the case for delivery drivers. Employees at Granby Pizza in Downtown Norfolk know that when the temperatures drop, their business picks up.

"Friday and Saturday we are always open till 11 p.m.  whether it rain or snows or storms," explained Peter Freda, Owner of Granby Pizza.

For the last ten years, Freda has seen his fair share of storms, and Friday's was no different.

"We are always open and my staff knows it too," said Freda. "They know we are going to be open, even if I have to pick them up."

Meaning even if roads are covered in snow, slush or ice, the business will continue to deliver so customers don't have to face the elements.

According to Freda, the store's delivery carts are what give them an edge while traveling in a winter storm.

"The carts are easy to drive through the snow they handle the snow very well."

Although most of Granby Pizza's customers chose not to test the slushy roads, there are still some customers who braved the weather in order to get dinner.

"We live in Virginia Beach and it was worth the trip to come in and get the pizza," explained a customer.