Three-legged pitbull helps stop armed assault

Posted at 1:09 PM, Jan 28, 2016

Levi, a 15-year-old, three legged pitbull from Janesville, Wisconsin, is getting extra treats after helping to stop a dangerous home burglary.

Darcy Cherry told CNN affiliate WISC that when an armed robber broke into her home last week, Levi started growling and barking. The masked man had pointed a gun at Cherry and her boyfriend, Bob Stenzel. He made the couple get on the ground, then demanded money.

“Not more than a minute after that, the person fired on Levi right in the head,” Stenzel told WISC. The bullet grazed the dog’s head and lodged into its left shoulder. The intruder then ran off without stealing anything.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery from the gunshot wound. Police say the suspect is still on the loose.

This isn’t Levi’s first brush with heroism.

Levi lost his leg during a family hike in 2014. The dog apparently took a fall of the edge of a trail — shattering his leg.

Cherry said Levi’s action prevented her son, who was following close behind the dog, from being hurt in the accident.

And Levi’s tale doesn’t end there. He apparently survived a dognapping two years ago.