Two Hampton schools denied accreditation

Posted at 2:44 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 14:48:20-05

Hampton, Va. – Andrews Pre-K-8 School and Bassette Elementary School have both been denied accreditation by the Virginia Board of Education.

A school is rated “Accreditation Denied” if it fails to meet requirements for full or provisional accreditation for four consecutive years.

When a school is denied accreditation, the school board has to submit a corrective action plan to the Board of Education that details steps to raise achievement standards.

“Although this is not good news, I am confident the plans put in place to address the needs at Andrews and Bassette will significantly improve student achievement,” said Hampton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeffery Smith. “The staff members at Andrews and Bassette are closely monitoring student performance and working strategically to improve teaching and learning.”

Schools that are denied accreditation don’t lose any state funding.

Hampton City Schools began to develop plans to improve student achievement at Andrews and Bassette in the summer.  They hired new assistant principals and a full-time behavioral specialist at Andrews. Andrews will also provide teachers with “expanded professional development.”

Bassette has hired additional reading and math teachers and a new assistant principal. Teachers will receive expanded professional development in the areas of reading and new instructional strategies. Extended learning time for students has been offered during and after school. Bassette has also employed a Lead Turnaround Partner, who will work with the school’s administrative team.