11-year-old girl to deliver game day football

Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 04, 2016

San Francisco, Calif. An 11-year-old girl will deliver the opening game ball to the referees on Super Bowl Sunday.

Marlo Mosley won the NFL “Super Kid Contest” and now she gets to walk out onto the field of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara to kick off Super Bowl 50.

“I`m just so proud of her already, knowing that she`s going to be soaking it all in,” said Marlo’s mom Loretta Mosley.

girl to deliver game ball

Marlo Mosley

This opportunity couldn’t be more fitting as Marlo plays on a “Pop Warner” tackle football team with all boys in San Jose.

Her passion for this sport extends far beyond this upcoming weekend, telling Richmond’s CBS 6 that her dream is to be an NFL head coach some day.

“Because I think women can do the same thing that men can do.  It`s no different,” said Marlo. “Nobody says a lady can`t be in the NFL and just coach.  I think it should be equally the same, if they love to do it than they can do it.”