Vigil scheduled for 9-year-old killed in car crash

Posted at 4:38 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 16:38:19-05

Moyock, N.C. - A vigil was held at Moyock Elementary school on Thursday so family, friends and the small community could remember the life of Lucas Ballard, the 9-year-old boy killed in a car crash in Norfolk earlier this week.

"He was quiet, but he was sweet," said family friend Roxanne Lewis. "It just hits close to home because it affects all of us on a personal level as a community."

Lewis' 8-year-old went to Moyock Elementary with Lucas and was in his cub scouts group. She quickly became friends with Lucas' mom, who police say was behind the wheel of the van involved in the deadly crash.

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Lewis ran into Lucas' mom on Wednesday.

"When I hugged her, I could feel the pain," Lewis said. "It was devastating. She looked lost and alone and terrified."

That is why Lewis felt compelled to take action for the family, by setting up a fund to help pay for Lucas' funeral.

"They need $5,000 by tomorrow," Lewis said. "As a parent I feel like no one would ever want to change positions with her right now to feel that grief and pain, and just as a mom, when there is a need it's hard for people to ask for help and sometimes people just have to ask for them.

It's one of many ways this small town northeastern North Carolina town is doing big things for this family. A family who will be surrounded with that support at Lucas' memorial at Moyock Elementary School tonight.

One person who was not at the vigil is 7-year-old Keion, his grandmother telling NewsChannel 3 he is at home, but will be resting. NewsChannel 3 visited the family on Thursday. Keion is doing well and seemed strong but sad. When NewsChannel 3 asked if Keion missed his best friend, he didn't say a word--just nodded his head yes.

Keion's grandmother was at Lucas' vigil and Lucas' family was expected to speak.

The family has set up this gofundmepage to help with Lucas' funeral.