Broncos and Panthers’ fans get ready for Super Bowl 50

Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-06 18:31:05-05

San Francisco, Calif. - The countdown clock is ticking for tomorrow's big match-up against the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers and fans from all over showed up to root for their teams.

"[It's a] once in a lifetime opportunity. We decided we had to go for it and got tickets and here we are," said Colorado native Brenda Fry.

Thousands of fans poured into Super Bowl City today eager to cheer on their teams.

"I think there was maybe a thousand people here when we got here," said Panthers' fan Jim Frary. "Now, there's maybe 10 to 15 thousand here right now, and it's gonna keep growing."

The Broncos, who are making their eighth Super Bowl appearance on Sunday have countless fans that made he journey to San Francisco.

"Looks like the Broncos fans are supporting the team," said Brenda's husband David. "We outnumber Panthers fans 50-1, so were looking forward to making Levi stadium home field."

Nevertheless, Panthers fans were out in full force today showing their blue and black colors.

"That's fine to be outnumbered," said Frary. "That's nothing. It's all what happens on the field - let em talk the talk were gonna walk the walk."

Frary and his friend Steve Myatt, are season ticket holders who won the lottery drawing to be here.

"We were destined to win, that's how it felt all season. From the beginning I just had this feeling," said Myatt.