Check out the 2016 Super Bowl commercials!

Posted at 8:45 PM, Feb 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-07 23:33:26-05

In case you want to re-watch the commercials airing during the Super Bowl or you’ve missed them altogether, we’ve got you covered!

A 30-second commercial sold for nearly $5 million this year. But since the Super Bowl is watched by upwards of 110 million people, it’s worth the price!

Check out the advertisements below!

Super Bowl Commercials

Acura NSX: “What He Said”

Adobe: “The Gambler”

Advil: “Distant Memory”

Amazon Echo: Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino “#BaldwinBowl” Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum “#MovinOnUp”

Audi R8: Commander

Avocados from Mexico: Aliens “AvosinSpace”

Axe: “Find Your Magic”

Bud Light: “The Bud Light Party” with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan

Budweiser: Helen Mirren “#GiveADamn”

Budweiser: “#NotBackingDown”

Buick: “The Big Game Meets The Big Day”

Colgate: “#EveryDropCounts”

Colonial Williamsburg: “It Started Here”

Doritos: “Ultrasound”

Esurance: “Pass it On Sweepstakes”

FitBit: “Dualities”

Heinz: “Weiner Stampede”

Honda Ridgeline: A New Truck to Love

Hyundai Elantra: “The Chase”

Hyundai Genesis: “First Date”

Hyundai Elantra: “Ryanville”

Intuit QuickBooks / Death Wish Coffee Company: Storm’s a Brewin’

Kia Optima: “Walken Closet”

LG OLED TV: “Man From The Future”

Marmot: “Love The Outside”

Michael and Son Services: “Michael and Son feat. Mike Tyson”

Michelob Ultra: “Breathe”

MINI Cooper: “#DefyLabels”

Mobile Strike: “Arnold’s Fight”

Mountain Dew Kickstart: “Puppymonkeybaby

NFL: “Super Bowl Babies Choir feat. Seal” “Domestic Violence PSA”

Pantene: “Strong is Beautiful”

PayPal: “There’s a New Money in Town”

Pepsi: “Joy of Pepsi feat. Janelle Monae”

Pokemon: “#Pokemon20”

Prius” “Heck on Wheels #GoPriusGo”

Quicken Rocket Loans: “What Were We Thinking #RocketMortgage”

Schick Hydro: “Robot Razors”

Shock Top: “Unfiltered Talk with T.J. Miller”

Skittles: “The Portrait with Steven Tyler”

Snickers: “Marilyn feat. Willem Dafoe”

SoFi: “Great Loans for Great People”

SquareSpace: “Real Talk with Key and Peele”

SunTrust: “Hold Your Breath”

Taco Bell: “Bigger Than…”

T-Mobile: “Restricted Bling”

Victoria’s Secret: “Score More – The Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football”

Weathertech: “Resources” “Kung Fu Panda Discovers the Power of Wix”