Woman mauled to death by pit bull she found online

Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 11:11:54-05

Hertford, NC - A 36-year-old woman was mauled to death Wednesday afternoon by a pit bull she found in the Virginia Pilot.

Suzanne Story had been the new owner of the dog for less than two weeks before the attack.

Her sister was in the next room and heard Suzanne yelling for help. She called 911 and waited for police, animal control and EMS to arrive on the scene.

"When they got there the dog was attacking the lady ​they were trying to get control of the dog," says Eric Tilley, Perquimans Sherrif.

It took animal control five minutes and two officers to get control of the dog and get him out of the house before EMS could get to Suzanne's aid.

Once they assessed the severity of her injuries, a medical crew from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital  was called to fly in by helicopter. Just as they landed, Suzanne was pronounced dead.

Tri-County Animal Control determined that she found the pit bull on Craigslist. The sellers brought her to Hertford from Virginia and gave it to Story for free.

"They brought it down from Virginia and gave it to them and said it was a good natured dog and good around children and then this happened," Suzanne's mother Debbie Brown wants the sellers to take responsibility for the attack.

"We'd like something from them... explain why or something. If they want to do something like donate money for the funeral you know that's all... we don`t want nothing else from them except that," says Brown.

Thursday morning the dog was put down by animal control. Story's family says they have the seller's information and will be contacting them soon.