Norfolk family looks for answers after military vet’s killing

Posted at 10:42 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 06:16:15-05

Norfolk, Va. --- Sophia Gervasio says she always looked up to her dad Isaac, but the 15-year old is now growing up without him.

"He's always been my hero," she said. "I lost my hero."

Isaac was shot and killed in November on Denver Avenue, just a few blocks from his home. Police called it a case of road rage, but haven't gotten more specific as to exactly what happened. His wife Jessica saw the police lights that night. She didn't know it was her husband. "None of us were prepared for that night," Jessica said. "It was just a normal Friday night."

Gervasio served in the Navy and Air Force reserves, according to his wife. He had gotten back from deployment to Afghanistan last spring. "It was his life," she said. "All we wanted to do was just retire from the military."

More than three months since he was killed police haven't made any arrests. "It makes it very hard knowing that there's somebody out there thinking that they got away with murder," Jessica said.

What is helping is knowing that Isaac is saving others, even after his death. He was an organ and tissue donor, and dozens are benefiting. "My husband was a hero in life and in death he saved 33 lives. My husband was a hero," said Jessica.

Anyone who can help give the family closure is asked to call the crime line 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

His parents, who live in California, wrote a statement. They want answers in their son's death:

To some, the passing of the last 92 days have been seamless, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, some birthdays; however, for the Gervasio and Batty families, especially for Jessica, Sophia, Vinciente and Raphael it has been  a nightmare, relived each day and night.  On November 13, Issac Gervasio, husband, father, brother and son was gunned down in the street over a simple traffic disagreement. We have fought through tears, pain and confusion try to come to grips with Issacs’ murder.  How am I to rationalize the brutality of the event?  Sorry, it’s impossible, our disbelief and grief is so strong, rational thinking at this time is irrational.
My brother a veteran of the US Navy/Air Force was a giving man, a man who would stop what he was doing to help anyone in need.  You didn’t even have to ask for help he just knew and would show up at your door with tools and supplies ready to help out.
While deployed to Afganistan last year, he called home every Sunday morning to remind everyone be ready for church. He did Facetime with his family in the evenings. He was like a father to all the kids in the neighborhood.  He loved life and gave all to all. 

We implore anyone who has information to please contact the Norfolk Police department, let’s put the monster who took Isaac’s life where he belongs. All we ask is Justice for Isaac.

--Dieter and Amy  Batty (as read to NewsChannel 3 by Nick Batty)