After three suspected meth labs in one week, Newport News firefighters show us the dangers of making meth

Posted at 5:47 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 17:48:21-05

Newport News, Va. - Three suspected meth labs found all in one week, one discovery leading to another. It now has Newport News fire officials reaching out to the public to talk about explosive consequences making meth can bring.

"We want our citizens to be safe. We want to bring an end to this in our community," said Newport News Battalion Chief Stephen Pincus.

Chief Pincus held a demonstration on Monday to break down the dangers of making meth.

This comes after Newport News police discovered a string of suspected meth labs they say are connected.

The first discovery happened last Sunday on Middlesex Road. They were called out to a home invasion robbery but quickly found a meth lab inside, according to Newport News police. Autumn Wells was arrested.

While investigating that possible meth lab, detectives say they found another one just across the street in an apartment where two children lived. Michael Adkins, 31, and Dana Chandonnet, 42, were arrested.

However, it didn't end there. Newport News police say they found a third meth lab in connection with the first two. This time at a home that is now condemned on Sidney Place.

Monday, firefighters didn't want to talk about the investigation, they wanted to talk about the dangers.

"When we see this kind of activity it really does drive home the fact that these people are putting others, especially the public, in danger," Pincus added.

NewsChannel 3 also spoke to the captain of the fire department's HAZMAT team.

"These chemicals can be highly volatile, that means they vaporize quickly. So they are using a lot of liquids that can turn into vapor so when they do that the actual volume they fill is a whole lot larger. That volume can fill a whole room making it a very explosive environment," said Captain Geoff Thurman.

Rather than the typical 30 seconds to get dressed for a fire, getting suited up for a possible meth lab takes 10 minutes. Thurman says it's worth it because his guys won't take any chances when it comes to those chemicals and he says neither should you.


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