Ted Cruz talks about heated debate, Supreme Court picks in Virginia Beach

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 17:29:28-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Ted Cruz spoke at Regent University as part of the school's Presidential Candidate Forum on Friday night.

Cruz is one of five presidential hopefuls to visit Hampton Roads in one week.

After quite a heated debate on Thursday night, Cruz spoke about several issues, including  a question about the jabs thrown during the debate.

"If others impune my integrity, I don't respond in insults," says Cruz.

But he did say that 65% of Republicans believe Trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with Hillary Clinton.

Cruz says he is confident that he'll do well on Super Tuesday. He believes that he will win a significant amount of delegates from Texas on Tuesday.

He says his top two priorities are economic growth and restoring America's leadership.

He promised that if he is elected president, he would appoint a "principled  constitutionalist" to the Supreme Court. He warned that another liberal judge could threaten the second amendment.

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Norfolk on Tuesday and Donald Trump spoke at Regent Wednesday.

Marco Rubio is hosting an event Sunday evening and Ben Carson is scheduled to appear at Regent Monday afternoon.