Honoring Lou Gunn

Posted at 8:31 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 22:31:07-05

What do you say about a man who appeared to experience joy, despite the pain life served out?

Lou Gunn taught those around him how to live.

If you knew Lou, his smile was not reserved for special occasions, it was a gift that he shared with everyone he met.

Reporters often spoke to him about the pain of losing his 22-year-old son in the USS Cole attack in 2000. But he shared his faith. He knew the day would come when more than a decade later when the news broke that lead terrorist Osama Bin Laden had been taken out.

Although Lou spent many days working toward getting justice for the Cole attack, he was never consumed by it. He honored his son Cherone, but found many days of joy and travel with his wife Mona and family. He celebrated his love of the game cheering on his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

When Lou walked into a room, it's as if someone turned on the sun!

Norfolk State University has one less cheerleader, the veterans of war have one less person providing counseling for their troubles; he did so much good when no one was looking.

But look here Lou, if you are listening from heaven - when we have another day of sunshine, we know it’s you -- smiling.