Senator Marco Rubio holds rally at Virginia Beach Convention Center

Posted at 10:23 PM, Feb 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-28 22:23:40-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Hundreds from across Hampton Roads made way to the Virginia Beach Convention Center on Sunday night to see Florida Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

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Senator Rubio's stop is just two days away from Super Tuesday and days after a rowdy CNN Republican Debate.

He brought some of that same heat against front-runner Donald Trump to Virginia Beach.

"I would prefer to run in a race where the people are debating ideas, but when the people debating have no ideas..." says Senator Rubio. If we nominate Donald Trump as the front-runner, we will lose this election."

Senator Rubio promised voters a very different path than President Obama, especially when it comes to healthcare.

He also focused on protecting and honoring those who serve, his humbling up-bringing, and restoring the American Dream.

"The American Dream is about focusing on happiness," he says. "If you elect me as president I will ensure that we can do that every single day for our children."

Some voters tell NewsChannel 3, they left his rally feeling inspired.

"He hit all of the points I wanted to hear," says Anthony Austin, a Rubio supporter. "Keeping America safe, getting a better economy, getting the current president out of the office and making sure Hillary Clinton doesn't get into the office."

Heading into Super Tuesday, a recent CNU poll shows Rubio with the highest approval rating among Virginia voters.

"Hillary Clinton does not want to run against me, but I can't wait to run against her," says Senator Rubio.

However, he's still polling behind Donald Trump in the Republican Primary.

"It was definitely a great turnout and hopefully that will carry into Tuesday," says Tyce Moore, a Rubio supporter.