Rowe formally announces campaign for mayor of Portsmouth

Posted at 9:51 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 23:16:01-05

Portsmouth, Va. - Former City Manager John Rowe called for a change in leadership in his official announcement for mayor.

"Portsmouth has been the subject of a great amount of criticism," said Rowe. "In fact, the criticism comes daily and it's justified and it's embarrassing."

Rowe was ousted as city manager last spring. At the time, Mayor Kenny Wright called his budget proposal "disappointing." Rowe is now challenging Wright's re-election. "We are losing our credibility and our respect, not only here among us, but among the citizens of Hampton Roads," said Rowe.

City Hall has seen its share of drama since the firing. Recently, two council men said they were fined for speaking publicly about closed session issues. "The last time I waived money it was not for a good cause," said Councilman Bill Moody, referencing his January fine. "John Rowe will make sure we get back to common sense."

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Mayor Wright several times, but he didn't respond. In a Facebook post announcing his re-election, Mayor Wright listed his accomplishments and wrote, "Working together, WE CAN DO THIS!! "Portsmouth Is For People, All Kinds of People."

The election is scheduled for November. Two others are running, including a businessman named Shannon Glover.