Community takes action for Norfolk police officer with cancer

Posted at 9:51 AM, Mar 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 10:36:20-05

Norfolk, Va. - Taking action. It's what police officers do every day.

But, for Nick Johnson, a Norfolk police officer, the community is now taking action for him after he was diagnosed with cancer.

One of his friends, Robert Anderson, is taking action in the form of collecting bottle caps

He's planning to make murals, then auction them off at a fundraiser for Nick.

"When he puts that uniform on, he protects us. And we’re all trying to help, and protect him and say 'hey you’re never alone we want to fight with you,'" Anderson said

img_7849Last month, Nick was diagnosed with stage two non-hodgkin's lymphoma. His diagnosis came when he thought he was on top of the world -- three days after he graduated from Norfolk police academy.

"He literally went six months through the police academy in Norfolk, passes everything, graduates, and then three days later passes out. Come to find out he has cancer. Nobody even knew," Anderson told NewsChannel 3.

Now Nick's friends and family are taking action for him, and raising money for his medical bills.

They're hosting a fundraiser and auction at Eagle's Nest, and selling stickers and bracelets.

But the one thing Nick wants is to get back on the job.

"As soon as the doctor clears him, he’ll be right back where he can be. Not hitting the streets the days after, but he’ll be back as soon as possible," his friend Nikki Midkiff said.

Until then, Anderson will be collecting bottle caps to create more murals for his friend.

"I need a lot of caps. The more caps I get, the more I can make the more stuff I can make, the more money we can raise for Nick and his cause. He’s never alone. We’re always behind him.

Nick's fundraiser is scheduled for April 3 at Eagle's Nest.

To donate bottle caps to Robert Anderson, call 757-944-1708.