Neighbors take action to help disabled Veteran after tornado destroys home

Posted at 10:38 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-21 23:20:39-04

Waverly, Va. - This week marks one month since a deadly tornado touched down in Waverly. The storm destroyed many buildings including the home of disabled Army veteran, Timothy Williams.

"I don't know what the devil looks like but that's what it looked like to me," explained Williams. "It was really scary."

Williams was right outside his trailer when the tornado touched down at the laundromat next door and traveled straight through his living room. Aside from a few belongings, everything inside his home was destroyed.

"It's real hard when everything you have is just gone from you in that moment," he said.

While he is grateful to be alive, Williams says a lack of answers from Veteran Affairs and slow-moving state funding is causing him to struggle to stay afloat.

"I am at a dead-end street."

But a complete stranger is taking action to make Williams' situation a little easier.

"Mr. Bennett he came through and really picked me up, picked me up a whole lot."

Damien Bennett also lives in Waverly and runs a community based economic partnership group called Waverly First Inc. He met Williams while he was cleaning up after the storm.

Bennett reached out to Everett Taylor, an independent contractor, to see if together, they can take action and give Williams a new home.

"He was a veteran, he served our country and if he is in need why wouldn't we help him," said Taylor. "If anyone deserves to be helped he does."

Now Taylor and Bennett are teaming up to raise money and purchase a foreclosed home for Williams. Taylor says he will fix up the home free of charge if both he and Bennett can raise enough money to purchase a home.

"The property will be deeded to him free and clear. There will be no strings attached It will be his home, to continue his life in the community," explained Bennett.

It will give Williams a second chance at life in his hometown.

"I've never seen anything like it, it's a blessing," said Williams.

Bennett has created a GoFundMe page for Williams. To donate, visit this link.