Virginia Beach students participate in interactive anti-drinking and driving campaign 

Posted at 6:04 AM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 11:23:35-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - The Virginia Beach Police Crime and Prevention Unit is putting on the "Every 15 Minutes" anti-drinking and driving campaign.

The two-day, award winning awareness campaign will be held at Salem High School where students are dramatically shown the dangerous effects of drunk driving.

It starts inside the school, where every 15 minutes preselected students are taken out of different classrooms by the "Grim Reaper". An obituary written by the students parents is then read by a police officer to the class.

Later, students go outside to a staged car crash where one student will "die" and another will be accused of driving under the influence.

The students who were taken out of the classrooms will then go on an overnight field trip to a hospital trauma unit, a mock court DUI trial and the city jail.

On Thursday, March 24, students will watch a video during an assembly that will document the entire day.

Letters of sensitivity written by parents to their children and students to their parents about their simulated untimely death and the effects on their lives are read.