Budget approved for renovations at Norfolk International Airport

Posted at 6:04 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 20:42:13-04

Norfolk, Va. – The Norfolk Authority Board approved a plan to renovate dining options and restrooms.

The board approved a budget to exceed $5 million, but they’re anticipating $3.7 million.

The airport will renovate some of the airport restrooms near terminals and add a lactation room in the main terminal lobby.

The airport is also expecting to bring in between $75,000 and $96,000 from transportation apps Uber and Lyft.

Uber reached a deal with the Norfolk International Airport in February 2016.

Last year, Uber was banned from the Airport until the two reached an agreement.

They said that Uber was always welcome there, but they had to sign the same agreement and pay the same fees as Lyft, another transportation app.

It is a new Virginia State law that Transportation Network Companies have agreements with airports where they pick up and drop off passengers.

Lyft pays a $10,000 security deposit, a $5,000 annual fee and a $2.00 charge for each drop off and pick up.