Threatening Facebook rant towards Social Service Department lands Portsmouth man in jail

Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 06:19:38-04

Portsmouth, Va. - A man is in jail after writing a threatening Facebook post about the Portsmouth Social Services Department.

Bennaire Gibson spoke to NewsChannel 3 about the incident, which happened two weeks ago.

Gibson said he was angry after spending a few hours on the phone with the Social Services Department in Portsmouth.

He took his grievances to Facebook and made threats that got him in trouble.

Gibson said he was trying to get medication through the Department of Social Services.

He said, “I just have had problem, after problem, after problem with my Medicaid worker.”

Gibson turned to social media to vent, posting an intense rant telling employees not to come to work the next day, threatening violence and cursing.

He wrote, "... I suggest you do not come to work tomorrow.  When I find out who is constantly f****** up my case I'm snatching they entire a** on mother f****** sight.  I am sick and tired of having to call over and over and over again to fix shit.  People are paid to do right the first time.  Call security, police, the damn Navy if you feel the need, but I'm going to be there bright an early and ready to go to jail… And yes this is a direct threat, a sincere promise.”

“I'm not going to make excuse.  I'm a grown man. Yet looking back yes, it was a bit much what I said,” said Gibson.

Gibson said he is bipolar and has borderline personality disorder.

He admits what he wrote was wrong, but said he was beyond frustrated.

“I was just asking them to do their job and yes, I got upset and yes, I vented on Facebook to the 200 people who I thought were my friends,” said Gibson.

Berna Johnson lives nearby and has experience with the Social Services Department.  She said she can relate to his frustration, but understands that threats are taken very seriously.

“That's a bit much. I think he went overboard. People take threats kindly, especially a big building such that one,” said Johnson.

“It's not an excuse. I'm not running from the law. I'm trying to be responsible and face the music but I do think it is a bit much,” Gibson said. "I have a college degree.  I just have a little difficulty and I've sought help time and time and time again."

Bennaire is a convicted felon and is being held without bond until his next court hearing in April.

NewsChannel 3 reached out to the city of Portsmouth.

“The City of Portsmouth Social Services Department works diligently with all of our clients to ensure a timely and efficient response. The discrepancy with Mr. Gibson was an unfortunately one, however, staff worked him to resolve the situation in an expeditious manner.”