79-year-old woman says purse snatcher caused her to get a black eye, bloody nose and injured arm

Posted at 12:17 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 23:23:17-04

Suffolk, Va. - A woman is now recovering after police say a man snatched her purse and caused her to fall to the ground.

Police say this happened at around 2:14 p.m. Monday in the parking lot of Kohl's in the 6200 block of College Drive.

The woman was shopping with her daughter and after they left the store, she was approached by a man who snatched her purse.

They say the man was described as a black male who stands 5'8", he has medium build and was wearing a white t-shirt.

The man was seen getting into a 4-door tan vehicle, maybe an older model Camry. He then sped away and left the shopping center through the College Drive exit.

The woman was treated at the scene and was then taken to Bon Secours Health Center at Harbour View.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with the woman who says the robber spun her around to get to her purse and that's when she fell.

She says she has a black eye, a broken arm that is now in a sling, and painful bruises and scrapes to her hand and elbow.

"I'm lucky to be alive and it's an experience that I don't want to go through again," she says.

She says the robber stole her driver's license and credit cards.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong," she says. "Just my daughter and myself, having a good time out there shopping."

The victim says it takes a certain type of person to attack an old lady.

"My advice to everybody is to be careful, be alert of your surroundings and what's around you, this guy came out of nowhere," she says. "You don't think it can happen to you but it can, I don't wish it on anybody."

If you know anything about this robbery, please call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.