Mega site development in Moyock

Posted at 10:50 AM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 18:19:14-04

Moyock, N.C. - Many Moyock, North Carolina residents, like Amy Resh, enjoy its farm land and trees.

“We picked this place because it’s green, because it’s open,” Resh explained. “Why do we wanna change it? We don’t.”

But those changes are coming.

The trees will soon be cut down and farm land paved.

Currituck County is looking to develop more than 3,000 acres of land in Moyock near the Virginia - North Carolina state line.

Earlier this week, commissioners met with developers to discuss the Moyock Mega-Site feasibility study.

The study noted that development of businesses, residential housing, and retail would best help the area.

People, like Resh, have mixed feelings.

“There’s way too many houses for the amount of jobs they have in this area. I think the things they should be bringing are businesses, larger businesses. Not stores. I’m talking agencies,” Resh explained.

Another concern for Resh is increased population.

Director of Economic Development Peter Bishop says both non-residential demand and continued residential growth are why Moyock is a prime location.

Local businesses like Built to Last agree with the plan.

“The more folks that are passing through this region and using Moyock as a bedroom community,” Chance Smith, the Production Manager at Building to Last, said. “Any increase in population is gonna be a betterment to any businesses.”

Officials say the Moyock Mega Site proves an area that can be competitive with Hampton Roads for new companies to create jobs and provide opportunities.

“Competition is a good thing. I don’t see that having any negative impact on built to last or any other business that provides a quality service,” Smith said.

Officials say the long term goal is to make the county less dependent on seasonal tourism.

Officials say they’re working on a phase two study and if things go as planning, rezoning and construction could begin in 2017.

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