State trooper killed in Richmond served in Hampton Roads

Posted at 10:41 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 22:41:53-04

Richmond, Va. - The Virginia State Trooper killed on Thursday in Richmond served in law enforcement in Hampton Roads. Chad Dermyer was originally assigned to the state police division in Chesapeake and previously worked in the Newport News Police Department from June 2003 until June 2007.

"He was a great trooper," said W. Steven Flaherty, the superintendent of state police. "The troopers that worked with him down there have taken this very hard because of how well he was liked."

Dermyer was originally from Michigan, where he was also a police officer. He served in the Marines for four years.

He leaves behind two young kids and a wife. He was 37.

Newport News Police Chief Richard Myers released the following statement Friday morning:

On behalf of the men and women of the Newport News Police, we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to the family of Chad Dermyer. Chad was a former member of our Department, but always a member of our family, and will be sorely missed by many of his colleagues here at NNPD. Chad left NNPD in 2007 to return to his (and my) home state of Michigan, but returned a few years ago to Virginia and continued to serve here in the Hampton Roads as a State Trooper. A former Marine, Chad’s legacy of service goes beyond his impressive resume as a public servant. By all accounts, Chad epitomized what we strive for at the Newport News Police: a tireless pursuit in reducing crime while compassionately and humanely engaging the community as partners in improving our quality of life.

At a time when police are incessantly scrutinized for their every action, Chad’s death is a painful reminder of the fragility of life that faces every woman and man who has the courage and conviction to wear the uniform and serve their community. So far in 2016, there are already 30 officers in the US who have perished in the service to their community. As Chief of Police, I call on the entire community of Newport News to extend support, prayers, and compassion for not only the surviving family of Chad Dermyer, but all of your Newport News police members. I stand behind our brave officers and the nobility of their service and ask for your support as well.

In tribute, the Newport News Police Department issued a statement on Facebook:

"A loss of this magnitude cannot be put into words...our hearts are broken. We feel incredibly blessed to have known Chad and to have been on his team. Rest in peace, friend, we have the watch now."

Hampton Police also posted a tribute online:

"Trooper Dermyer was a former Newport News Police Officer. He was assigned to patrol the City of Hampton and City of Newport News during his time as a Trooper and he served alongside the men and women of HPD.

Our community has lost a hero, a protector, who answered the call today without hesitation and gave his life for the nation he swore to defend."

Trooper Dermyer is also remembers by those he served as approachable, kind and warm. In January Trooper Dermyer and his partner made headlines when they rescued a dog that had gotten loose on the interstate.

The dog's owner, Jeffery Corbin of Hampton, said he was extremely greatful to the officers for saving his dog.

"I understand the dangers of being out on the interstate chasing a crazy little dog around and I thanked him and the other officer for putting themselves in a difficult situation just to save our dog. It meant a lot to us."