Two people found dead, police dog killed after gunfight in Las Vegas

Posted at 6:51 AM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 06:51:38-04

Two dead people in a house, a gunfight in the street and a beloved police dog killed in the line of duty — all happening in one block of a suburban Las Vegas neighborhood.

Las Vegas Metro Police say residents heard gunfire and reported a man walking and waving a weapon in the 9800 block of Fast Elk Street in the northwest valley Thursday afternoon.

When officers arrived, they confronted the armed man and deployed a K-9 police dog to “take down the suspect,” according to Las Vegas Police Capt. Shawn Andersen. Shots were fired between the police and the gunman and the dog, known as K-9 Nicky, was killed. Police confirmed the dog’s death on Twitter.

Police say the unidentified suspect was shot and taken to University Medical Center. His condition is unknown.

After the gunfight, two unidentified people — a man and a woman — were found dead inside a residence. Police have not said whether the bodies are connected to the gunman. Charges in the case have not been announced.

Las Vegas Police posted a tribute to K-9 Nicky on Facebook saying “R.I.P. Nicky. It is with heavy hearts…that we inform everyone about the loss of a valuable member of the LVMPD crime-fighting team” but pointed out “Not to be lost in this story, is the fact that two people were senselessly murdered at the scene.”

“Devastating to lose that dog. That dog is one of us. That dog suffered very severe injuries not long ago,” Capt. Andersen said at a news conference.

K-9 Nicky, a Belgian Malinois, was stabbed several times last month during a standoff at an apartment complex, according to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. The dog was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery before returning to police service.