Cheetahs come to the Virginia Zoo

Posted at 11:02 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 11:22:05-04

Norfolk, Va. - The Virginia Zoo have unveiled their newest public exhibit--cheetahs!

The zoo now has two male cheetahs, Chester and Rico, who were born in October 2013 and arrived in Norfolk in March.

Chester and Rico are on permanent loan from the Metro Richmond Zoo.

This is the first time in the zoo's 115-year history cheetahs have been on exhibit.

The cats have been in quarantine since they arrived in March to assure they're healthy before going on exhibit. Their new home is located in the Africa-Okavango Delta area across from the giraffes.

The exhibit was recently renovated with high rocks and fallen trees, since cheetahs like to perch and survey landscapes.

Cheetah Zoodoption stand at the Zoo gift shop

Cheetah Zoodoption stand at the Zoo gift shop

The Virginia Zoo is offering a special Cheetah "Zoodoption" through May 31. Patrons can symbolically "adopt" the boys and will receive a personalized Zoodoption certificate, fact sheet, cheetah photo and an animal plush for $35.

The Zoo giftshop also will feature Cheetah-centric items. For more information, visit their website.