“Angel” takes action for Virginia Beach woman who had her water turned off 

Posted at 7:33 AM, Apr 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 07:00:50-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - It's a sight 61-year-old Dianne Billings never thought she'd see again -- running water from her kitchen faucet.

For 10 months, Billings, who is disabled, has been using store-bought gallons of water to do her dishes, laundry, and to shower.

"I have to stop and say, 'I can turn the water on now. You can get that water running now,'" Billings told NewsChannel 3.

It's all thanks to a woman who Billings calls her "Angel."

NewsChannel 3 told you Billings' story earlier this month.

The Commons Condominium Homeowner Association voted to have her water turned off because Billings got behind on her homeowner's association fees.

It was off for almost a year, until NewsChannel 3's Margaret Kavanaugh told Billings' story. When it aired, the calls and emails came pouring in. People wanted to take action for Billings.

Not even 24 hours after the story aired, Billings got a call from a woman wanting to take care of the entire bill.

"She says, 'I don’t want you to know me, I don’t want you to know my name, all I need you to do is call your lawyer and the association. Ask what the complete balance is, and give them authority for them to speak to me,'" Billings said.

The woman called back later that day.

"She said 'It's paid, and I told them I want her water turned on now.'"

Billings couldn't believe it.

"I just kept thanking her, and all I could do is thank her. She kept saying 'you don’t know my name, and I said fine.' I will call you 'Angel.' And that’s what she is. An angel."

Now Billings can't wait to do the things most of us consider chores, like dishes and laundry.

Plus, she can finally take a hot shower.

"I just got into the shower, and I stayed there for I don't know how long."

For that luxury, she continues to thank her "Angel" and NewsChannel 3 for uniting them.

"To get the results the next day, not even a full 24 hours.... Exactly what the motto is. Taking action and getting results."


Virginia Beach woman’s water turned off 10 months for late homeowner association fees