Get ready for high flying entertainment at the Langley Airshow

Posted at 11:40 PM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 23:40:40-04

Hampton, Va. - The annual Airpower over Hampton Roads airshow is back at Langley Airforce Base this weekend.

Hours of exciting performances in the sky from esteemed groups like the Army Golden Knights and the Thunderbirds.

The Geico Skytypers will also be performing, they gave News Channel 3 a ride in one of their World War II era aircrafts that they use in their 18 minute airshow.

"We do a 6 airplane show, low level between 50 feet and 1,500 feet," says Ken Johanson, the Executive Officer. "It’s a lot of fun, very dynamic break ups and rendezvous."

The show starts Saturday morning at 10:30. It's free and open to anyone looking for some exciting entertainment.

For more information check out their website.