Fur kid food: are you loving your pet to death?

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 22:29:47-04

It’s a fair but tough question, are you loving your pet to death with food and other treats?

A study at the University of Copenhagen estimates one in twenty companion dogs is obese.  Fat dogs face a higher risk of diabetes, heart and joint issues and a shorter life span. The good news is you can fix it.

Some pet parents are turning to making their own pet food as one way to remedy nutrition.  Realtor Martin Plaisted is the proud pet parent of three dogs.

It’s a happy family but there’s always that one troubled fur child.  Plaisted, said everything changed when his dog Deanie got into a bag of dog food, “she ate her way out, she was miserable. That’s why we call it the happiest and the worst day of her life. “

Deanie was several pounds overweight and most Pet Doctors agree that Canine obesity is not a joking matter, and it often impairs welfare and quality of life.

Dr. Paul West with West Animal Clinic in Norfolk says in this way pets are like people, “same reasons for us putting a heavier load on every organ in the body you’re eventually going to shorten your life”.

Plaisted first tried buying more expensive dog foods costing up to $50.00 per bag, but Deanie wasn’t losing weight.

Finally, he opted to make the food himself even though it was time consuming. “It’s labor intensive because you’ve got to find deals, but it’s worth it.”

After the switch to a mix of cooked chicken, pumpkin, vegetable, and olive oil, Deanie is down to 14 pounds which is normal for her size. Healthy food, daily walks with her two doggy brothers and she will likely have a long doggy life.